VFD-IFD6500 - AC Accessories
  • RS-485 to USB Data Converter
  • Supports Baud Rate from .075 to 115.2kbps
  • No External Power Supply Required
  • Low Power Consumption of 0.4W
  • Insulation Voltage: 2500Vdc
  • Built-In Signal Short-Circuited and Transient Overvoltage Protection
  • Auto-Detects the Direction of Data Flow

Our VFD-IFD6500 Data Converter is an easy-to-use RS485-to-USB converter for communication between an Anaheim Automation Variable Frequency Drive and a PC. Supporting a baud rate from 75 to 115.2kbps and auto switching direction of data transmission, it does not require an external power supply nor a complex setting process. Ideal for controlling the VFD's, gathering data, and diagnosing any problems within the system, it is capable of adopting RJ-45 in RS-485 connectors for easy wiring and installation. It's compact size coupled with the handy use of plug-and-play and hot-swap, the VFD-IFD6500 Data Converter is a simple and convenient addition to your AC system, compatible with any Anaheim Automation VFD model number.

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