VFD-MKC-FN1CB - AC Accessories
  • Make your Variable Frequency Drive Safer
  • Convert your IP00 Open Type VFD to IP20, NEMA 1 Protection Level
  • Easy Installation

Our VFD-MKC-FN1CB Conduit Box Kit is the perfect solution to making your "open type" VFD safer. Install this Conduit box kit on the front of your VFD over the exposed terminals and you now have IP20, NEMA 1 protection. The VFD-MKC-D0N1CB Conduit Box Kit is compatible with the following Anaheim Automation Variable Frequency Drives:

  • VFD-1600CP43B-00
  • VFD-1850CP43A-00

Please Note: Using a conduit box kit on your open type Variable Frequency Drive will decrease the max operating temperature from 50C° (122F°) to 40C° (104F°).

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