KNC-HMI-CZ10 - Water-Resistant HMIs
  • RISC Cortex-A8 800MHz CPU
  • Larger Storage Area, 256MB Flash + 256MB DDR3
  • Backlights for Keys Create Visible Operation in the Dark
  • Industrial LED that withstands -20° to 70°C
  • High Brightness and Readable in Sunlight
  • 2 CAN Interfaces, Support CANopen/CANJ1939
  • 2 Serial Ports, supporting RS232/485/422
  • 2 Video Inputs, adaptable for Multi-Channel Monitor
  • Powerful Cooling, Shock-Proof and Anti-Interference Capable

The CZ10 is a HMI (Human Machine Interface) that will make your application run smoothly and efficiently. This HMI line comes with a 65536 color display mode that gives your touch screen rich color and incomparable resolution. The CZ10 has an ingress protection rating of IP65 for the front panel only, which totally protects the front panel from dust ingress and low pressure water jets with limited ingress permitted. While the rest of the body has an IP20 protection rating, which protects it from solid objects like hands/tools over 12.5mm, but does not progress against liquids. There are two communication ports; one is a RS485 port and the other is used for RS232 communication and downloading projects. With the simple, convenient and powerful configuration software, the user can master its design method and create first-class programs efficiently.

Note: Anaheim Automation wants to provide our customers with a solution, not just a product. We have great economical PLCs that are a perfect pair for the Kinco HMIs. It is highly recommended to purchase a PLC with your HMI.

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