AC Servo Drives
Anaheim Automation's AC Servo Driver product line offer the most updated high speed DSP to meet high speed, high precision control requirements. With it's auto disturbance rejection control and speed observation control algorithm, combined with compensation servo delay's forward feed control, and reference smoothing techniques, these AC Servo Drivers have much better dynamic features and stabilities, when compared with conventional PI controls.

High Overload Capacity - The industrial grade Intelligent Power Modules (IPM) utilized in the EDC AC Servo Drivers are one step higher in capacity than other servo products that are specified at the same power. Which gives these EDC Series AC Servo Drivers a stronger overload capacity, higher disturbance rejection capacity, and larger startup torques.

ESView Communication Software - With our software the following functions can be achieved:
*Parameter Management - Fast and convenient operations to all parameters available, such as editing, transmission, comparison and initialization.
*Monitoring - Real-time monitoring of all I/O signals, alarms of the present and history records, and system status.
*Real-Time Management - Real-time sampling of the torque versus speed curves for quick, easy adjustments and analysis.
*Adjusting - Fast adjustment of gains.
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