MBC10641 - Stepper Drivers with Transformer (AC) Input
  • 10 Amps/Phase Output Current
  • Microstepping Drive Operations
  • 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 16, 32, and 64 Step Operations
  • Opto Isolated Inputs
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Motor On/Off Input
  • Current Reduction
  • Over-Temperature and Over-Voltage Detection
  • RoHS Compliant
Stepper Drivers with Transformer (AC) Input - 7.1-12.5A Current Range - MBC10641

The MBC10641 Microstep Motor Driver has an output capability from 1.5 Amps Minimum to 10 Amps Maximum (Peak Rating). The MBC10641 driver operates from either an AA3621 transformer, where input can be wired from 90-265VAC, or a DC voltage of 30 to 85 Volts. The inputs are opto-isolated with a minimum sourcing of 7 mA per input (5VDC Minimum to 24VDC Maximum). The clock input is set to receive either positive or negative edge clocks with a maximum frequency of 400kHz. The direction input is current sourcing for CW and no current for CCW. The ON/OFF feature is current sourcing to de-energize the step motor and no current to energize the motor. Reduce Current Enabled automatically reduces motor current 70% after last step (1 sec delay). The driver has built-on features to indicate power on (Green LED), clocks being received (Yellow LED), and fault conditions (Red LED). Protection devices have been added to this driver for Phase-to-Phase short-circuit, motor mis-wire conditions, over-voltage and over-temperature. The MBC10641 driver requires a transformer, which is purchased separately, or it is offered as a packaged unit (see Driver Packs).
See Accessories on this website for options, such as shielded motor cable and connectors. For compatible high-torque stepper motors, consider our popular 23Y, 24Y, 34Y, 42Y series. For standard torque (round-bodied motors), 23W and 34W series.

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  • Dimensions
  • Wiring Diagram
Stepper Drivers - MBC10641 Dimension
Stepper Drivers - MBC10641 Wiring
Stepper Drivers - MBC10641 Dimension
Wiring Diagram
Stepper Drivers - MBC10641 Wiring
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