EDB Quick Start Up

EDB Quick Start up

Power Requirement: Single Phase 220 Vac

‐ Short L1, L3, and L2C together
‐ Short L2, and L1C together
‐ Apply Power into L1C and L2C

To verify that power is correctly applied to the motor, run the JOG Operation:

1.    Press MODE to select assistant mode.
2.    Press INC or DEC to select Function number of JOG mode.

3.    Press ENTER to enter JOG mode.

4.    Press MODE to enter Servo ON (motor ON) status.

5.    Press MODE to switch between servo ON and Servo OFF. If motor running is required, servo must be ON.
6.    Press INC or DEC (motor runs when press the keys.)

4.    Press ENTER to return to function number display.(Servo is OFF)