Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use 220VAC Single Phase power input on my servo system?
Yes, you can use 220VAC single phase input power depending on the model purchased for your servo system. All EDC Servo Systems accept 220VAC single phase input power while only the ProNet-E-02/04/08/10/15 can use either 220VAC single phase or three phase power input. ProNet-E-20/30/50 only accept three phase input.

Can I use an HMI with a Servo System?
Yes. Any HMI that can send out strings of ASCII text can be used to control the EDC or the ProNet-E Servo Systems.

How do I restore my EDC Servo Systems parameters back to factory default value?
Upon initial start up, all EDC Servo Systems should contain factory settings. Should the user wish to default back to the factory settings, follow the steps below:

1. Press the MODE Key to select Auxiliary Function Mode.
2. Press the INC or DEC Key to select the function number for restoring defaults (Fn001).
3. Press the ENTER Key to enter the parameter restoring mode.
4. Press and hold the ENTER Key for a second to restore ALL the parameter to their default values.
5. Release the ENTER Key to return to the function number display.

After following the steps above, ALL the parameters should be returned to their factory default value. A list of these values can be found in the EDC User’s Manual.

What does my servo system come with?
Anaheim Automation's Servo Systems offer both the EDC and ProNet-E servo drives which are matched with an EMJ, EMG, or EML Servo Motor to meet your application requirements. Each system features the highly functional ESView Software for easy start up, one power cable, one encoder cable, and one communication cable. The servo motors are IP65 rated and equipped with a 2500 PPR, wire-saving incremental encoder.

What communication protocol do the servo systems implement?
All of Anaheim Automation's Servo Systems implement either MODBUS or CANopen Protocol. More information about how to use these protocols with these drives can be found in their respective user manuals.

Can the EDC Servo Systems support analog input reference?
The EDC Servo Systems does not support the analog input reference feature. This feature can be found on the PRONETt-E Servo Systems. The analog input reference for the PRONET-E servo drives can be used to control both speed and torque. (The voltage input ranges from ±10VDC)