Discounted Packages

Save money and simplify the selection process by choosing one of our Stepper Discounted Packages! Anaheim Automation has taken the guesswork out of matching a system by combining the motor, driver, optional controller, and power supply into a single part number. Each package will include the supplementary cables and connectors needed to operate the system. These packages will have one set of support documentation, including the specific package speed/torque curve, hook-up diagram, and driver and controller features. This information is all you should need to select and hook-up your package.

These Discounted Packages are ideally suitable for students, teachers, laboratories, test facilities, hobbyists, user customers, as well as OEM's for quick and easy start-ups. Benefits include convenience and performance at a discount of approximately 10% less than if the components were purchased separately! Anaheim Automation's Discounted Packages are hassle-free, aim to reduce selection errors, and are stocked so you don't have to deal with long lead times!

  • Packages Include Motor, Driver, Power Supply and Cable
  • Packages are Discounted 10% Off List Prices (when sold separately)
  • Hassle-Free Selection and Quick and Easy Hook-ups!
  • Offered in NEMA Frame Size 17, 23 and 34
  • Peak Torque Range of 28 to 1,700 oz.-in (motor dependent)
  • Four Driver Types to Choose From (including a Line-powered Package)
  • Three Package Styles to Choose From
  • Optional Controller Packages Available
  • Typically in Stock in Anaheim, CA