Size 7 - Spiders
  • Torsional stiffness
  • Electric measuring systems
  • High load
  • High ambient temperatures
  • Rated Torque from 6.2 - 21 in-lb
  • Max. Torque from 12.39 - 42 in-lb

The Spiders for the ROTEX® GS series are flexible and come in five different kinds of shore hardness. Each kind allows the coupling hubs to adjust easily to the conditions of an application with regard to torsional stiffness and vibration characteristics. This allows the flexible teeth to be radially supported by a web in the inside diameter. The purpose of the Spider is to prevent deformation caused by heavy acceleration or high speeds. Spiders help the couplings from exploding if the coupling hubs are slightly off.

Our KTR couplings are "LTSOH" (Limited to Stock on Hand) and will no longer be available after the current stock has been depleted.

Item Color Material Type/
Max. Speed
2.0, 2.5 / 6.0
Rated Torque
Max. Torque
Mass Moment of
Inertia (lb-in-sec2)
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KTR-550071000001 Yellow Polyurethane 92 Shore A-GS 27,000 11 21 8.85 x 10-7 0.0011 $4.00 view here
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