Size 14 - Spiders
  • Longer service life
  • High temperature resistance
  • Max. Speed (rpm) 22,200
  • Max Torque (in-lb) 110 - 140
  • Improved dampening of vibrations
  • Average elasticity
  • Suitable for all hub materials

The KTR Spiders for the ROTEX® couplings has an improved polyurethane material. The Spider type also known as T-PUR is capable of withstanding higher temperatures for a longer period than the previous polyurethane. The ROTEX® Spiders come in a variety of colors that show their improvement; orange (92 Shore-A), purple (98 Shore-A), and pale green (64 Shore-D).

Our KTR couplings are "LTSOH" (Limited to Stock on Hand) and will no longer be available after the current stock has been depleted.

Item # Color Material Type/
Max. Speed
Rated Torque
Max Torque
Temperature Rating
for Continuous Use
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KTR-020141000042 Purple T-PUR 98 Shore-A 22,200 111 221 -58°F to +302°F $3.00 view here
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