• Tracks 0 to 200,000 Cycles Per Second
  • Operating Temperature of -20° to +105° C
  • 100 to 2,560 Cycles Per Revolution (CPR)
  • 400 to 10,240 Pulses Per Revolution (PPR)
  • Powered From Single +5VDC-28VDC Power Supply
  • 2-Channel Quadrature (Differential Squarewave Output)
  • NEMA 23 to 42 Compatible
  • RoHS Compliant

The THS25 High Resolution, Magnetic Hollow-Shaft Incremental Encoder offers reliable performance at an economical price. Available in a large range of resolutions, the THS25 offers superior performance over an optical encoder when placed in high shock and vibration environments. This hollow shaft encoder can handle shaft sizes that range from .25" to 1.125". The patented EMI circuitry provides protection from high-frequency electrical noise and background magnetic fields. This low-profile design is perfect for feedback and vector control, robotics, web processing and printing. The THS25 comes enclosed in a rugged IP50 package for protection from debris, with the option of upgrading to an IP66 housing option.

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