KNC-CBL-MT54-KC - HMI Accessories
  • DB9 Connector
  • Programming cable
  • Specially designed for Kinco products
  • Communicates between HMI and PLC

For the Kinco HMI's and PLC's to communicate the developer should buy a KNC-CBL-MT54-KC cable. Normally a RS232 cable would work but Kinco has its own wiring scheme that does not conform to the RS232 cable standard. The HMI communication port settings should match those of the PLC so that communication is synchronized. The Kinco PLC's have female DB9 connectors and a USB to RS-232 converter can be used. However, since the standard RS-232 cable won't work it is highly recommended that KNC-CBL-MT54-KC is purchased to work with the UT232R-200.

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