- HMI with Integrated PLC
  • 65536 Colors
  • LCD Lifetime up to 50,000 Hours
  • 480x272 Pixels
  • 4.3" LCD Display Screen
  • HMI and PLC are attached
  • IP65 Protection Level on Front Panel
  • 24 VDC Input Voltage
  • Backlight LED
  • 128M Flash and 32M DDR2 Memory
  • Communication Ports: USB2.0, RS485

The KNC-HMI-HP043-20DT and KNC-HMI-HP043-20DTC are HMIs with integrated PLCs that provide a reliable system to help your application run smoothly and efficiently. This HMI/PLC combination features a 65536 color display mode that enhances your touch screen with rich color and incomparable resolution. The IP65-rated front screen is protected against dust ingress and may be subjected to low-pressure water jets. On the backside, the PLC is directly attached and integrated into the same package with the HMI. The PLC provides special I/O functions, a USB2.0 (USB-B Connector) programming port, four high-speed counters, three high-speed outputs, either one or two RS485 communication/serial port(s), model dependent, integrated digital input and output channels, and more. Built-in high-speed pulse outputs can reach a maximum frequency of 50 KHz. KincoBuilder software provides absolute and relative positioning, homing, jogging, and quick stop instructions for programming the PLC functions, while HP Builder software is a convenient and powerful configuration software that allows the user to create first-class, efficient programs for the HMI. KincoBuilder and HP Builder software are both required to operate this integrated device, and are available for free on our website. With a quick and easy set-up, the KNC-HMI-HP043-20DT series is an intelligent choice for users who need the functionality of an HMI and PLC in one powerful, streamlined package.

KNC-HMI-HP043-20DT has 2 Analog Inputs (0-10V) whereas KNC-HMI-HP043-20DTC has 2 Channel Thermocouple inputs (J Type, K Type, E Type, or S Type)

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