- HMI with Integrated PLC
  • 65536 True Colors
  • LCD Lifetime up to 50,000 Hours
  • 800x480 Pixels
  • 7" LCD Display Screen
  • HMI and PLC are attached
  • IP65 Protection Level on Front Panel
  • 24 VDC Input Voltage
  • Backlight LED
  • 128M Flash and 32M DDR Memory
  • Communication Ports: USB2.0, RS485

The KNC-HMI-HP070-33DT is an HMI with integrated PLC that provides a reliable system to help your application run smoothly and efficiently. This HMI/PLC combination unit comes with a 65536 color display mode that enhances your touch screen with rich color and incomparable resolution. The IP65-rated front screen is protected against dust ingress, and it may be subjected to low-pressure water jets. On the backside, the PLC is directly attached and integrated into the same package with the HMI. The PLC provides special I/O functions, a USB2.0 (USB-B Connector) programming port, two high-speed counters, two high-speed outputs, two RS485 communication/serial ports, 16 discrete inputs, 14 output channels, two analog input channels, and one analog output channel. The built-in high-speed pulse outputs can reach a maximum frequency of 50 KHz. The KincoBuilder software provides absolute and relative positioning, homing, jogging, and quick stop instructions for programming the PLC functions of this device. The HP Builder software is a convenient and powerful configuration software for the HMI/screen programming that facilitates the creation of first-class, efficient programs. KincoBuilder and HP Builder software are both required to operate this integrated device, and are available for free on our website. The integration of the HMI and PLC make the KNC-HMI-HP070-33DT the perfect choice for a quick, easy set-up and its combination of the HMI and PLC makes it a smart choice for our customers.

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