Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Anaheim Automation offers fully programmable HMI products designed to simplify the operation and maximize the functionality of your application. Our Kinco product line comes with a 32-bit RISC processor with speeds ranging from 400 to 1.6GHz, with screen Sizes range from 4.3" to 15". The 65536 true color TFT LCDs allow for a variety of custom images to be created and allow the Monochrome STN LCDs to be read easily in any environment.

Anaheim Automation's line of HMI products supports direct connection with most mainstream PLCs; with a USB, the download speed is greatly accelerated. All HMI products come complete with software to program a custom user interface to interact with multiple devices. For assistance in software programming, and other HMI features, please view Anaheim Automation's Video Tutorials.

  • 65536 True Color TFT LCD
  • 32-bit 400, 520, 624 or 800 MHz RISC CPU
  • 8M FLASH ROM and 16M SDRAM
  • 256KB Recipe Memory
  • Powerful Timer Function
  • Supports Simultaneous Communication of Multiple Serial Ports
HMI Fundamentals

Frequently Asked Questions
How does the Human Machine Interface (HMI) communicate with other devices?
The Human Machine Interface (HMI) must be connected to a device whether it is through Ethernet (RJ45), serial communication (RS232, USB, or RS422) or wireless. The two devices' baud rates must be in sync so that no miscommunication occurs.

What are some of the features of the Programmable Logic Controller's (PLC's) programming environment?
The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programming environment CoDeSys V2.3 is an extremely useful utility in that over 250 manufacturers from various industrial sector program their devices with CoDeSys. CoDeSys consists of two parts: the programming system CoDeSys and the runtime system CodeSys Control. The runtime system turns any automation device into a IEC 61131-3 controller programmable with CoDeSys. Since CoDeSys is used worldwide it comes with a large amount of libraries specific to a device or general in functionality for all devices. CoDeSys allows you the create a Visualization for a Human Machine Interface (HMI) if you need to create a graphical user interface. CoDeSys allows for remote monitoring so you can see the status of your Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or manufactuaring line from a remote location.

What are the benefits of a Human Machine Interface (HMI) over a desktop?
The added benefits of a Human Machine Interface (HMI) are; there is a dedicated system specific to your application which means that you have a panel which will not allow internet browsing, solitaire game play and update reminders unless it pertains to your application. Human Machine Interfaces (HMI's) give you absolute control; meaning that you may give the user limited access to specific features or full access pending on how you create your interfaces.