• 170-253VAC Single Phase Input
  • 200 Watt Power Rating
  • Requires a 2500 P/R Encoder Input
  • High Overload Capacity
  • RS485 Interface
  • MODBUS and CANopen Standard
  • ESView Communication Software
    • Parameter Management
    • I/O Signal Monitoring
    • Torque and Speed Analysis
    • Gain Adjustments
  • Position, Speed, and Torque Control
  • 8 Inputs, 4 Outputs
  • Electronic Gearing
  • CE Certified
AC Servo Drives - PRONET-E

Anaheim Automation's PRONET-02A Series Servo Drive is a great fit for position, speed, and torque control requirements. It was designed to switch dynamically among the different control modes for a more convenient and flexible operation. These AC Servo Drives have been updated with a control mode switch function, to effectively reduce overshoot and adjustment time by setting the appropriate switch functions. The PRONET-E-02A Series can operate in position control mode, contact position control mode, speed control mode, and torque control mode. In position control mode, position and speed are controlled using clock + direction signals sent by the host controller to the servo drive. In this mode, an electronic gearing ratio can be set. Electronic gearing is a relationship between encoder pulses and reference pulses sent to the servo drive. In contact position control mode, the servo drive offers the user a total of sixteen preset position, speed, acceleration, deceleration, and stop time profiles to move from point to point in their application. There are three methods on controlling the speed of the servo motor with the PRONET-E-02A: internal speed control, analog reference speed control, and contact speed control. In internal speed control, the servo drive is able to run according to an internal set speed as well as provide the user with an acceleration and deceleration profile. In analog reference speed control mode, the user is able to operate the servo motor at a rated speed based on an analog input voltage. Finally, in contact speed control the user is able to operate the servo motor between seven operating speeds by using three input signals. In analog reference torque control mode, the user is able to set the rated torque the servo motor operates based on an analog input voltage. These control features offer users the ability to customize these drives for their application needs. The PRONET-E-02A Series AC Servo Drive operates from a single-phase input voltage range from 170 to 253VAC with a continuous output power rating of 200 Watts. These drives come standard with an RS485 interface and can be operated using MODBUS or CANopen protocols.

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200 170-253 VAC Position,
Speed, Torque
8 Inputs
4 Outputs
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  • Main Circuit Diagram
  • I/O Signal Connection
  • 1CN Connector Pinout
  • PRONET-E-02A Driver Dimensions
Main Circuit Diagram
I/O Signal Connection
1CN Connector Pinout
PRONET-E-02A Driver Dimensions