Anaheim Automation and Estun Motor partnered together to bring a high-performance Servo System to motion control designers. Each system includes motors that range from a size of 60mm to 80mm square, with a power rating of 200 Watts to 750 Watts. Also included is a EDC servo drive which offers both speed and position control capabilities. Each package comes with the supplementary cables needed to hookup the system, saving you time and money! If you are unable to find a Servo System to match your requirements, or if you have any questions, our professional application engineers are well trained and are ready to assist. We are also able to provide you with custom motors to fit your specific needs.
These servo motor/driver packages include motor options from 750 Watts and are operated by the EDC drive. These packages are ideal for quick and easy start-ups, convenience and performance! The servo motors included in these packages provide up to 338 oz-in of rated torque (model dependent). The EDC drives are designed to switch dynamically among the different control modes for convenient and flexible operation.
EDC - 200-750 Watts - EDC-02
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