PCL451 - Preset Indexers
  • Internal Index Count Switches
  • Pulse Rates up to 14,792 Pulses per Second
  • CW and CCW Home, Hard, and Soft limits
  • Adjustable Motion "Complete" Output
  • Motion "Busy" Output
  • Clock Pulses and Step Direction Outputs
  • CW and CCW Index Inputs
  • CW and CCW Jog/Run and Fast jog inputs
  • Two "Go to Home Position" Modes
  • TTL-MOS Compatible
  • Index on the Fly
  • CE Certified and RoHS Compliant
Preset Indexers - PCL451

The PCL451 contains a manual preset indexer board. A thumbwheel switch is used to set the index (number of steps or move distance) and the manual switches and/or PLC are used to initiate indexing, homing or jogging. The manual preset indexer board utilizes the PI45 preset indexer integrated circuit (IC). Available functions include home, hard and soft limit inputs, two homing modes, jog/run, fast jog and switch selectable base speed, maximum speed, and acceleration/deceleration. This board includes the necessary buffering and other circuitry for the PI45 chip that makes indexing easy. The board can be operated manually or with a programmable logic controller (PLC) to index a set of pulses determined by the internal count switches or an external count module, such as the AA1760-5 or similar device. (See AA1760, AA1754, and AA2210 counter module accessories.) The PCL451 is also offered with a stepper motor driver, with power supply and cooling fan, packaged in an enclosure. (See Driver Packs) Also available are options such as shielded motor cable and connectors (see Accessories).

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  • Dimensions
  • Wiring Diagram
Stepper Controllers/Indexers - PCL451 Dimension
Stepper Controllers/Indexers - PCL451 Wiring
Stepper Controllers/Indexers - PCL451 Dimension
Wiring Diagram
Stepper Controllers/Indexers - PCL451 Wiring