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Brushless Motors

A brushless DC motor is a synchronous electric motor driven by a direct current. As the name implies, the brushless DC motor does not operate using brushes, rather it operates via electronic six-step commutation. A brushless DC motor provides a smaller, lighter, and more powerful option than a brush DC motor. It requires less maintenance due to the absence of brushes, and provides higher speed ranges, higher dynamic responses, and offers a longer lifetime. However, the brushless DC option is also substantially more complex; it requires a speed controller and additional system wiring, in addition to a higher start up cost. For more information on Brushless DC motors, view our Brushless DC Motor Guide.

Anaheim Automation's brushless DC motor line is designed to offer high performance and low cost. Our line offers motors ranging from NEMA 09 to NEMA 48, delivering torque up to 900 oz-in. An IP65 Rated Sealed Brushless Motor line is offered as well, in NEMA sizes 23 and 34.

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