BDR-28-33 - Face Mount DC Motors
  • DC Brush Motor
  • Designed for High-Volume Applications *
  • Up to 484 g-cm of Torque
  • 28mm Diameter
  • CE Certified and RoHS Compliant
Small DC Motors - 28mm

Anaheim Automation's DC Motors provide a cost-effective solution for your application. The BDR-28-33 can be used many applications such as robotics and medical applications. The BDR-28-33 has strong permanent magnets to provide the torque you need. The BDR-28-33 can provide up to 1.03 oz-in of torque. Cooling vents on the motor casing are placed optimally for internal cooling of the motor.

*Note: Not all motors are stock items. Minimum purchases are required for most part numbers. Contact Anaheim Automation for more details.

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See other series or sizes for dc motors that are typically in stock and have no minimum purchase requirement.

Brush DC Motors - BDR-28-33 Dimension
Brush DC Motors - BDR-28-33 Specifications
Torque Curves
Brush DC Motors - BDR-28-33 Torque Curves
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