DC Speed Controllers
Anaheim Automation offers a low-cost DC Speed Controller to compliment its DC Motor product line. The printed circuit board style Brush DC Speed Controller offers external potentiometer speed control, external voltage speed control, 2-quadrant operation, and an open-loop velocity mode. These DC Speed Controllers are compatible with motors up to 10A and 50V. Screw-Type terminal blocks provide for quick and easy installation.
The MBDC050 series is a DC Brush Speed Controller designed to drive DC Brush Motors An external 10k potentiometer or an external DC Power Supply can be used to vary the speed of the motor. This controller features protection from over-current (cycle by cycle) and over-voltage. The fault protection is set for a cycle-by-cycle motor turn-off. Cycle-by-cycle over current limiting is done by monitoring the motor peak current. Upon an over current of 10A for the MBDC050-050101 and 3A for the MBDC050-024031 and MBDC050-0xx031-120V the motor phases are immediately turned off and held off for the remainder of the internal PWM oscillation. The MBDC050-050101model has a red LED light illuminates to notify the user when an error occurs.
DC Speed Controllers - MBDC050
Series # Input
MBDC020-024031 DC 8-24VDC 36 3 $26.00
MBDC050-024031 DC 8-35VDC 36 3 $34.00
MBDC050-012031-120V VAC 85-135VAC 18 3 $137.00
MBDC050-024031-120V VAC 85-135VAC 36 3 $137.00
MBDC050-050101 DC 20-50VDC 250 10 $69.00
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