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Outside of Anaheim Automation Application Assistance, Customer Service, and Ready-to-Ship Inventory from Anaheim, CA, USA!

Established in 1966, Anaheim Automation’s commitment to cost-effective solutions and excellent performance has made us a preferred provider to business partners in a wide variety of industries, including medical diagnostics and devices, food, cosmetics or medical packaging, labeling, tamper-evident requirements, cut-to-length applications, assembly, conveyor, material handling, robotics, special filming and projection effects, inspection equipment, security devices, pump flow control, CNC machinery, XY and rotary tables, process control, and equipment upgrades.

Customers benefit from our dedicated engineering, friendly customer service, and professional application assistance. We strive to surpass the customer's expectations for fulfilling their specific requirements. While a good portion of Anaheim Automation's sales involve special, custom, or private-labeling requirements, we take pride in our large stock base of standard products, located in Anaheim, California, USA.

Anaheim Automation is the wise choice wherever precision positioning or speed control is required.

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