Our HMI/PLC Combo line reduces wiring and footprint by integrating the HMI and PLC into one streamlined package. Available in your choice of a 4.3" or 7.0" display size, a 256K color touch screen display helps you visualize your processes in vivid resolution. Featuring built-in IoT functions though an Ethernet connection, program upload and download, pass through PLC communications, VNC remote monitoring, equipment management, and other remote operation and maintenance functions are available. The HMI runs on a 700MHz CPU and contains 128MB Flash + 64MB DDR2 memory storage. Also available is a USB Host input for even more expanded memory. The HMI is also supported by DTools, the new generation of touch screen programming software. The integrated PLC supports up to 33 I/O points (model dependent) plus up to eight KS extension modules for even more flexibility and number of I/O. The PLC also boasts four high-speed pulse counters which support a variety of modes, including single-phase, dual-phase (Up/Down), and AB phase (1-fold and 4-fold frequency) counting. There are four high-speed pulse outputs, all of which support PTO and PWM output signals. The software provides commands for pulse and positioning control, and other functions to allow users to implement simple motion control applications. Furthermore, the PLC contains two RS485 com port interfaces with communication rates of up to 115.2kbps for support of programming, MODBUS RTU master and slave stations, and free serial protocol.

  • 256K Colors, High Resolution
  • LCD Lifetime up to 50,000 Hours
  • 4.3" or 7.0" LCD Display Screen
  • HMI and PLC are attached
  • IP65 Protection Level on Front Panel
  • 24 VDC Input Voltage
  • Backlight LED
  • 128MB Flash and 64MB DDR2 Memory
  • Communication Ports: Ethernet, USB2.0, RS485
  • Free HMI and PLC programming software