Brush DC Troubleshooting

Note: Exercise caution when troubleshooting your Brush DC Motor. Ensure safety guards are in place, disconnect any power, and discharge all capacitors prior to inspecting the Brush DC Motor.

Problem: After installation, Brush DC Motor does not start.

Solution: Ensure the Brush DC Motor is correctly wired, and verify the appropriate voltage is being generated from the controller. If necessary replace the fan guard, and check to make sure the armature is not rubbing against the magnets due to misalignment. The Brush DC Motor may need to be replaced. Depending on the original cost of the motor, the brushes can be replaced. For Anaheim Automation Brush DC Motors, the entire motor is replaced as it is the most cost-effective approach.

Problem: Brush DC Motor loses power while running.

Solution: Check the load being applied to the motor. Changes in load may be too much for the Brush DC Motor to handle. Measure the amp draw next to the motor's full load amp rating to be sure the Brush DC Motor is appropriately sized for the application. Also check the settings on the controller, and the armature. Torque and compensation settings may be slightly off, and the armature needs an open connection.

Problem: Brush DC Motor fails to start after having been working.

Solution: If this is the case, the brushes may have worn down and are unable to interact with the commutator. Take apart the Brush DC Motor and check both the commutator and armature for any burnt bars or a burnt coil. Finally, ensure the voltage is emitting out of the controller.

Problem: Brush DC Motor is not accelerating quickly enough.

Solution: Check the length of the brushes to ensure they are not worn out. Look for any defective bearings (bearings generating loud noise is a sign); replace or lubricate bearings if needed.

Problem: The Brush DC Motor is running in reverse.

Solution: Double check the wiring arrangement, and interchange the two leads.

Problem: The Brush DC Motor makes a clicking sound.

Solution: Remove burr from the armature with a commutator stone.