Flange Ball Splines
Anaheim Automation has partnered with TBI Motion to deliver a high-quality line of Ball Splines at competitive prices! These high quality, precision ball splines offer a substantial savings over other competitive brands, with savings up to 50%. The flange type ball splines are available in three accuracy grades: Normal, High, and Precision. Offered in shaft diameters ranging from 6mm to 50mm, these Ball Splines deliver up to 4,086 kgf of dynamic linear force and 5,615 kgf of static linear force.
The SLF series comes with a spline nut with a flange and is offered in shaft diameters ranging from 6mm to 50mm. The ball spline nuts are designed with recirculating ball tracks which transmit torque linearly along the raceway of the spline shaft. The flange nut allows for easier assembly between the housing and the nut. This series can provide dynamic forces of up to 4,086 kgf and static forces up to 5,615 kgf. The maximum length for this shaft is 3,000mm. The ends of the shaft can be customized per your drawing. Please contact Anaheim Automation to discuss your specific requirements.
Series # Shaft
BSP-TM-SLFx-006 6 137 225 2500 Call Us
BSP-TM-SLFx-008 8 137 225 3000 Call Us
BSP-TM-SLFx-010 10 285 397 3000 Call Us
BSP-TM-SLFx-013 13 396 540 3000 Call Us
BSP-TM-SLFx-016 16 545 849 3000 Call Us
BSP-TM-SLFx-020 20 724 1109 3000 Call Us
BSP-TM-SLFx-025 25 1003 1593 3000 Call Us
BSP-TM-SLFx-030 30 1160 1980 3000 Call Us
BSP-TM-SLFx-040 40 2972 4033 3000 Call Us
BSP-TM-SLFx-050 50 4086 5615 3000 Call Us
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