AC Synchronous Gearmotors
AC Synchrounous Gearmotors
Anaheim Automation's AC Synchronous Gearmotors are ideal for applications requiring constant speed with the ability to stop within a few degrees of rotation. AC Synchronous Gearmotors are similar to stepper motors that are modified to run off of AC power. Known for their reliability, small size, quiet operation and very low cost, the AC Synchronous Gearmotors are a popular choice for appliances, displays, printers, timers, medical equipment, pumps, chart recorders, and computer peripherals. Offered in two diameters: 1.69 and 1.97 inches, these AC Gearmotors are offered in many gear ratios, and can deliver up to 416 oz-in. of torque. Note: Customization is available, however a minimum purchase may be required. Contact Anaheim Automation's Sales Department for details.
Anaheim Automation's ACPMGM Gearmotors come in a variety of starting torques, rated torques and current ratings. The ACPMGM AC Synchronous Gearmotors are ideal for applications that require a constant speed while connecting to the AC power line voltage. The ACPMGM-050-038 Gearmotor runs at up to 416 RPM with single-phase 110 VAC, 60 Hz. Custom options for the Single-Phase AC motor line include optimizing the maximum speed, torque, current, voltage, cabling, wiring, connectors, and shaft modifications.
Permanent Magnet (PM) AC Motors with Spur Gearboxes - ACPMGM
Series # Input
Poles Frequency
ACPMGM-042-040-24 24 24 50 1.6 10-150 No No $30.00
ACPMGM-042-040-110 110 24 50 1.6 10-150 No No $30.00
ACPMGM-042-040-220 220 24 50 1.6 10-150 No No $30.00
ACPMGM-050-038-110 110 12 60 1.5 3-500 Yes Yes $20.00
ACPMGM-050-038-220 220 12 60 1.5 3-500 Yes Yes $20.00
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