Stepper and Servo Motor Control
Anaheim Automation's line of KYOPAL LSI IC chips provide an effective, low-cost solution for motor control. These chips can control multiple axis and are ideal for the manufacture and design of stepper or servo motor controllers. Each chip is equipped with the following functions: index drive, continuous pulse, origin return, sensor positioning, synchronous start, interrupt function, and linear interpolation function.

* Supply Voltage: Core Voltage of 3.3V
* I/O Voltage: 3.3V or 5.0V
* Technology: CMOS
* Clock Frequency: 16.384MHz or 19.6608MHz (20 MHz Max)
* MAX Output Pulse: 5Mpps
* Output Pulse Setting: 1 to 16,777,215
* Encoder Counter: 2 Channels per Axis
* Counter Clear: Counter A Only 1 Axis
The KYOPAL X7000 Series Motion Control LSI Ics generates output pulses up to 5 Mpps for controlling the speed and positioning of pulse train input-type stepper and servo motors. The KYO-X7000 Series Motion Control LSI Ics enables 2, 4, or 8-Axis motor control. The KYO-X7000 Ics also provide an interface with a host CPU which allows the chip to be used as a peripheral LSI.

All Kyopal Integrated Circuits are Limited to Stock on Hand.
X700 LSI
Series # Number
of Axes
Starting At
KYO-X7023 2 TQFP 100 No Yes $37.00
KYO-X7083 8 LQFP 208 No Yes $67.00
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