Linear Component Accessories

Anaheim Automation's line of Linear Component Accessories offers a perfect complement to their ball screw and linear guide products, allowing for easy system integration.

Ball Screw Support Units: All the necessary components for mounting these ball screws are provided in the package. These support units are available in both fixed-side and supported-side bearing assemblies in either a rectangular or round design, and can be used with ball screw diameters ranging from 10mm to 50mm. The fixed-side support units are used to couple the finished ball screw shaft to a motor and is fixed in position using the supplied lock nut. The supported-side support unit (floated side) are used to hold the other end of the finished ball screw shaft in place using the supplied bearing and snap ring.

Metal Stoppers: The CPC-MRXX metal stoppers are compatible with our CPC-MR miniature linear guides sizes ranging from 7mm to 15mm (Standard and Wide Rails). These stainless steel metal stoppers help prevent the block from separating from the rail during the transportation or the installation process (especially on a vertial axis).

Lubrication Kits: The CPC Lubrication Kit supplies users with a supply nozzle and 3 difference size nozzles adaptors. These nozzle adaptors are suitable for difference size grease nipples found on the CPC-MR, CPC-ARC, and the CPC-HRC 15mm to 55mm linear blocks (model dependent). The grease gun used for the lubrication kit is sold separately.

  • Fixed-Side and Supported-Side Options
  • Rectangular and Round Types
  • Ball Screw Diameters Ranging from 10mm to 50mm
  • Acceptable Input Shaft Diameters Ranging from 6mm to 40mm
  • Black Oxide Surface Treatment
  • Miniature Linear Guide Stoppers
  • Sizes Available: 7mm to 15mm
  • Compatible with Standard and Wide Rails
  • Stoppers and Screws made of Stainless Steel Material
  • Includes Supply Nozzle and 3 Nozzle Adaptors
  • Suitable for CPC-MR, CPC-ARC, and CPC-HRC Linear Guides (model dependent)