AC Gearmotors
AC Gearmotors

Anaheim Automation offers a large selection of AC Gearmotors which are priced with OEM applications in mind. Choose from an AC Induction Gearmotor, AC Synchronous Gearmotor, or AC Industrial Gearmotor. These AC Gearmotors come in a variety of power ranges from 5 watts to 750 watts.

AC Induction Gearmotors - Anaheim Automation's AC Induction Gearmotors are available in 16 different series ranging from motor body sizes of 60 mm to 104 mm and power outputs up to 150 watts. The AC Induction Gearmotor uses an external capacitor to startup the motor, and runs at a speed determined by the load.

AC Synchronous Gearmotors - Anaheim Automation's AC Synchronous Gearmotors run at fixed speeds with a fixed input frequency. The motor will run at this speed regardless of the load applied up to its maximum torque rating. AC Synchronous Motors are available in 2 different frame sizes of 42mm and 50mm with power outputs up to 7 watts. The AC Synchronous Gearmotor uses an external resistor and capacitor to startup the motor.

AC Industrial Gearmotors - Anaheim Automation's AC Industrial Gearmotors range from 200 to 750Watts in power, available in gear ratios between 5:1 and 200:1. These AC Industrial Gearmotors run off of a three-phase power supply, and depending on the wiring configuration can operate at 220VAC or 380VAC.

  • Torque: 16 to 5,664 Ounce-Inches
  • Sizes: 60mm to 100mm
  • Low-Cost AC Motors with Spur Gearboxes
  • Round-Bodied with Square Mounting Flange
  • Customization for Specific Requirements Available
  • Shaft Modifications and Motor Adders Available
  • Reversible
  • Torque: Up to 56 Ounce-Inches at 30rpm
  • Sizes: 44mm and 50mm
  • Low-Cost AC Synchronous Gearmotors
  • Round-bodied with Square Mounting Flange
  • Frequently Used in Appliances, Displays, Printers, Timers, Pumps, etc.
  • Customization for Optimizing Current, Voltage, Torque and Max Speed
  • Shaft Modifications and Motor Adders Available
  • Torque: 708 oz-in to 27,614 oz-in
  • Power: 200Watts to 750Watts
  • Gear Ratios from 5:1 to 200:1
  • Shaft Diameters from 18mm to 40mm
  • Foot and Flange-Mount Options Available
  • Low-Cost AC Industrial Gearmotors
  • Compact Size, High Efficiency
  • IP55 Protection
  • Class F Insulation