Obsolete Replacements

Cross Reference List
Anaheim Automation, Inc.
Obsolete Products
Past Equivalent/Obsolete ModelsCurrent Model #
BLD75, BLD72, BLD70, BLB, AA2300BLD76 series
DPA80001, DPA10001MLA10641 or DPN10002
DPD70001, DPD65001, DPD110A1, DPB01, DPB02DPD72001 or DPD72001XCE
DPD70002, DPD65002, DPD21AA1, DPB03, DPB04DPD72002 or DPD72002XCE
DPD72211, DPD70211, DPB11RA1, DPD-6DPD72451 or DPD72451XCE
DPF12001, DPF90001, DPF13DPFHP001
DPF11401No Replacement
DPF70002, DPF65002DPF72002
DPF70003, DPF65003, DPF310C1, DPF09-DPF12, DPF73003DPF72003 or DPF72003XCE
DPF70004, DPF65004, DPF1BB1, DPF13-DPF16DPF72004 or DPF72004XCE
DPF70352, DPF65352, DPF21SB1, DPF72352DPY50601 or DPD75601
DPF70212, DPF65212DPF72452 or DPF7452XCE
DPF11211, DPFHP211, DPF90211, DPF12RE1DPFHP451
DPK70004, DPL65004, DPK41BB1, DPK05, DPK06DPK72004 or DPK72004XCE
DPK72402, DPK72403No Replacement
DPL, DPL220, DPLXTROYNo Replacement
DPF72401DPMLP601 or DPN10601
DPS30001, DPSDPS32001
M6R5, M6R6M6R7
MBB45021-75, MDD45021-80MBD45021-75
MBC04161, MDM40001, MDM60001MBC05641
MBC08081, MBC08161, MDM10001MBC10641
MBC15161MBC15081 or MBC158
MBL500, MBL511, MBL513, MBL521MBL536
MLP07081-5-01, MLP08041, MLP08641, MLU10641MLA10641
TM2310, TM3000, TM4000TM4500

IMPORTANT NOTES: The information provided herein was known to be accurate upon publication; however, specifications can change over time. Most of the Current Model #s are functional repalcements only and the differences could be substantial. Therefore, a customer must verify all critical parameters of an application before selecting a replacement product.   
This Cross Reference List is offered to assist the customer in choosing Anaheim Automation products. However, any selection, quotation, or suggestion for any product, offered from Anaheim Automation's staff, its' representatives or distributors, are only to assist the customer. In all cases, determination of fitness of the product in a specific system application is solely the customers' responsibility. While every effort is made to offer solid advice, and to produce technical data and illustrations accurately, such advice and documents are for reference only. Anaheim Automation is in no event liable for indirect or consequential damages resulting from the use or application of any product. Improper use can result in personal injury or death, property damage, and/or economic loss.  
Experimentation: Tailoring
Please be advised that experimentation is almost always necessary for motion control components because of dynamic changes in system friction and inertia, (load anomalies) that may be difficult to calculate. For example, a stepper motor resonance effects can also change when the stepper motor is coupled to its load. At Anaheim Automation, we encourage customers to experiment with several options for optimal system performance.