DC Drivers/Controllers

Power up your Brush DC Motors with Anaheim Automation Speed Controllers. Our Brush DC Drives/Controllers are high quality products, offered at a low prices. Anaheim Automation's Brush DC Speed Controllers offer internal or external potentiometer speed control, external voltage speed control, 2-quadrant operation, and an open-loop velocity mode. With Anaheim Automation's Brush DC Speed Controllers, you know you're getting a great value!

  • Low-Cost Speed Controller
  • Printed Circuit Board Style
  • Screw-Type Terminal Blocks for Easy Installation
  • Compatible with DC Brush Motors up to 30A Peak and 50V
  • Additionally an External Voltage Can Be Used To Control Speed
  • Short-Circuit and Over-Current Limiting Protection
  • Over-Voltage Protection
Fundamentals of DC Drivers/Controllers

Frequently Asked Questions
How do you connect an external pot to our MBDC050 series Brush DC Drivers and Controllers?
If using an external pot to control the speed of the DC Drivers and Controllers it is recommended to use a 10K Pot.

When using P/N: MBDC050-024031
Pot Top to Pin 4 ( 5V out)
Pot Wiper to Pin 1 (VSpeed)
Pot Bottom to Pin 5 (AGND)

When using P/N: MBDC050-050301
Pot Top to Pin 5 (VREF)
Pot Wiper to Pin 1 (VSpeed)
Pot Bottom to Pin 6 (AGND)

Can different ranges of voltage be applied to the Brush DC Motor Controller?
Yes, different voltages can be applied to Anaheim Automation's Brush DC Drivers and Controllers. There is a minimum/maximum input voltage necessary to power the controller. Please refer to the User Manual of each unit for complete specifications.

Why is the red light on?
Many of Anaheim Automation's Brush DC Drivers and Controllers come equipped with a red LED indicator for a fault. The Fault LED is to alert the user of the following conditions:

1. Over-Current
2. Over-Voltage
3. Improper Hall Sensor Input
4. Freewheel
5. Thermal Shutdown

Please refer to the user manual of the brushless driver for proper hook up and use.

What does the green light mean on a driver/controller?
The Green LED on our Brush DC Drivers and Controllers illuminate when power is supplied to the unit. If power is applied to the unit and the Green LED does not turn on, disconnect power to the unit immediately. Check to see if the wires are correctly connected to the driver. Refer to the units User Manual for a proper wiring diagram.

Can I hook up multiple motors to one driver?
In most cases this is possible. It depends on what your application is and if the DC Drivers and Controllers will still be able to run within its limits. The limitations of current and temperature may inhibit the use of multiple motors on a single a driver.