Anaheim Automation offers a vast line of quality BLDC products including Brushless
Motors, IP65-Sealed Brushless Motors, Brushless Gearmotors with Planetary or Spur
Gearboxes, BLDC Motors with Integrated Speed Controllers, and Brushless DC
Drivers/Controllers - all at unbeatable prices! Our huge assortment of products makes it
easy to select the perfect units for your system. Can’t find what you’re looking for?
Contact our friendly, knowledgeable technical staff to discuss customizations and
value-added solutions today!

NOTE: Specialty and custom units may require a minimum purchase. Please contact us for details.

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  • Compatible with a Wide Range of BLDC Motors
  • Input Ranges: 6 to 50 VDC or 85 to 135 VAC
  • Max Power: 24 to 1,500 Watts
  • Peak Current: 3 to 60 Amps
  • Custom Solutions Available!
  • Standard and IP65-Sealed Motors Available
  • Customization and Motor-Adders Available
  • Choose from Several Body Styles
  • Torque: 0.7 to 900 oz-in
  • Sizes: NEMA 09 to 48
brushless dc drivers controllers brushless dc motors


  • BLDC Motors with Integrated Speed Controllers
  • Customization for Voltage, Current, Max Speed,
    and Shaft and Value-Added Assemblies Available
  • A Compact, Hassle-Free Solution
  • Speed: Up to 4,000 RPM
  • Sizes: NEMA 17, 23, and 34
  • BLDC Motors with Planetary or Spur Gearboxes
  • Customization Available to Match Your Voltage, Current, Max Speed Requirements.
  • Shaft Modifications and Motor Adders Available
  • Sizes: NEMA 09, 11, 17, 23, and 34
  • Speeds: Less than 225 to 15,000 RPM
brushless dc integrated motors brushless dc gearmotors

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