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Our gearboxes are compatible with most Anaheim Automation stepper, servo, or brushless motors, but can also be customized to mount to motors from other manufacturers. To match your motor to one of our planetary gearboxes, fill out our:
  • 40mm to180mm Frame Sizes
  • Square or C-Face Mounting Options
  • Helical Gear Configurations Available
  • Backlash as Low as 1arc-min
  • Low Prices and Helpful Technical Support
  • Right-Angle Configurations Available
  • 40mm to 180mm Frame Sizes
  • Torque up to 11,329 in-lbs
  • Square or C-Faces Mounting Options
  • Helical Gear & Right-Angle Configurations Available
  • Backlash as Low as 1 arc-min
  • Ratios from 3:1 to 1,000:1
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  • 60mm to 90mm Frame Sizes
  • Torque up to 4,550 in-lbs
  • Tailored to Mate with Anaheim Automation's ACP-M AC Induction Motors with a Splined Output Shaft
  • Ratios from 3:6 to 1,800:1