Stepper Motor Control
When you're interested in manufacturing your own Stepper Motor Controller, Anaheim Automation provides an effective low cost solution. With our Stepper Motor Controller IC chip you can control multiple motors. Anaheim Automation offers three different Package Types (PDIP, SOIC, and TSSOP)

* Full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, step mode selected with 3 mode inputs - The LSI-LS7290 uses 32 microstepping phase controls
* 8-bit PWM control - The 8-bit PWM control and the refresh rate are set using an internal oscillator controlled by a crystal or by use of an external input clock. Typical refresh rate is equal to 31.25kHz.
* Peak current feedback control using pulse width modulation chopping can be used in full-step or half-step modes.
* Chopper Characteristics - The chopper consists of a voltage comparator, flip-flop and external sense resistor.
* Controls two-phase Bipolar and four-phase Unipolar motors
* Nominal clock frequency: 8MHz
* Maximum stepping rate: greater then 30k per second
* Programmable inter-step blanking delays: 1.25us, 2.5us, 3.75us and 5us at 8Mhz
* H-bridge PWM resolution: 0.39%
* Supply voltage: 3V to 5.5V
10 piece minimum order.
The LSI-LS7290 generates Phase Drive outputs and PWM outputs for controlling two phase Bipolar motors or four phase Unipolar motors, respectively. The LSI-LS7290 contains a mode controlled look-up table for generating the motor duty cycle drive sequences. There are four outputs which are used to drive two H-bridges for the two motor windings in the Bipolar motor or the four Driver Transistors for the two center-tapped windings in the Unipolar motor.
Stepper Motor Controller
Series # Package
LSI-LS7290 DIP, SOIC, TSSOP 24 No Yes $4.00
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