Repairs and Returns FAQ


Returns (RMA) and Repairs

Products in need of repair must have previous authorization to return. Any product being returned to Anaheim Automation must have a RMA (Return Materials Authorization) number assigned by Anaheim Automation, Inc., prior to returning. Anaheim Automation will determine upon inspection whether the product is covered under warranty. To request a RMA number, please contact us at 714-992-6990 and ask to be connected to our customer service department. You can also email our representatives at Please have the following information ready to begin the RMA process:

  • The item's date code
  • The serial number
  • The product number and quantity of items to be repaired/returned

Please reference the RMA number on all the paperwork accompanying the return/repair. Please include a copy of the RMA confirmation (this will be sent to you by an Anaheim Automation representative) in the box, and mark the outside shipping container with the RMA number. Items received by Anaheim Automation which do not reference an RMA number will not be processed.
NOTE: Do not return product using a "debit memo."

Q: Will there be a return fee?
A: Cancellation or return of any order must be approved by Anaheim Automation, and will be on terms that protect Anaheim Automation from any loss. The restocking charge is 15% on all product returned. The minimum restocking charge is $25.00.

Q: Will return shipping be covered?
A: Shipping expenses are paid by the customer. After inspection, if the product is determined to be under warranty, Anaheim Automation will pay for return shipping to the customer.

Q: Is there a time limit for returns?
A: Returns must be made within 30 days of receipt of product. All products are subject to factory inspection, and must be in re-sellable condition to receive credit. Special, custom and modified products are Non-Returnable and Non-Cancelable (NCNR Agreement Applies). Please review our complete Terms and Conditions for details.

Q: Should I contact Anaheim Automation before I send in a product for repair?
A: Yes. All returns and repairs require that a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number be generated to track the transaction. You can call our customer service department or download the RMA request form and email it to us at Product returned without a RMA# will NOT be processed. Typical repairs will take 10 business days. Large items may take up to 45 days. Anaheim Automation charges a "flat-rate" repair fee for products not covered under warranty, regardless of the problem found. Clearly mark each carton with the assigned RMA number. Ship returns/repairs to:

Anaheim Automation Inc.
4985 E Landon Drive
Anaheim, CA 92807.

NOTE: Anaheim Automation keeps RMA numbers active for 30 days after the RMA request date. After 30 days, the RMA will be deleted from our records. Any product not returned to Anaheim Automation within 30 days, will require a new RMA#. CREDIT for returns will be solely determined by Anaheim Automation, following inspection and test.

Q: How do I return an item for credit?
A: All returns for credit must be issued an RMA number by one of our representatives within 30 days of receipt of the item(s)by the customer. A restocking fee of 15% (with a minimum fee of $25)will be charged. If the return for credit is for a faulty unit, a replacement unit can typically be shipped to the customer. If this is not possible, the restocking fee may be waived after the returned unit has been inspected by Anaheim Automation, and full credit will be issued to the original method of payment. To receive credit, all returned items and their fitted packaging materials must be received back in re-sellable condition, with all accessories included in the original packaging in the condition in which they were initially received. (Accessories may include mounting screws and nuts, shaft keys, cables and connectors, electronic filters and capacitors, installation tools, as well as printed materials such as user's guides and installation instructions.) Please also make sure to include the RMA number on the outer packaging or on the return address label to ensure proper processing.

Q: What is the difference between exchanging an item vs. returning it for credit?
A: Items returned to Anaheim Automation which are covered under warranty but cannot be repaired by our engineers will be replaced with/exchanged for a new unit. Shipping back to the customer will be covered by Anaheim Automation. To return an item for credit, the customer must request a RMA number and ship the item back to Anaheim Automation in "re-sellable" condition. Shipping expenses will be covered by the customer.

Q: Can I get a "rush" repair? Will there be an extra fee?
A: It may be possible, depending on the product type, our current workload, etc. All customers must call ahead to request a RMA (Return Materials Authorization) number, provide a purchase order for charges, and ask if a rush can be placed on your request. Typical repair times have a 10-day turnaround (weekends excluded). A "rush fee" may be applied, even to warranty repairs.

Q: Does Anaheim Automation repair motors?
A: No, Anaheim Automation does not repair motors as it is typically not cost-effective for either the customer or for Anaheim Automation. Motors will only be accepted back as a return if they are under warranty. The warranty period is 12 months from the original invoice date.

Q: What is the warranty period for Anaheim Automation products?
A: The warranty period is 12 months from the date of the invoice or 18 months from the date on manufacture, whichever comes first. The warranty is void if the failure was caused by misuse, neglect, improper wiring, or due to modification. See our full Terms and Conditions on our website.

Q: Why does Anaheim Automation charge a "flat-rate" repair charge regardless of the issue/problem?
A: Products will go through the same inspection, repair, and burn-in procedures, regardless of what the problem is ultimately determined to be. The components are typically the least expensive aspect of the repair process. The labor and handling of the products are the most time-consuming and costly. By charging flat-rate fees, our staff to expedite the RMA process.

Q: Will I be charged a "flat-rate" repair fee for my item even if no problem is found?
A: More than 50% of all repairs cases determine that there is no problem with the unit, and that the item runs within the recommended specifications. Often, something else in the customer's machine or system is causing the problem/failure, but the driver and/or motor is sent to Anaheim Automation to eliminate the possibility of being it/them being the culprit. Each driver/controller will go through the same repair and burn-in procedures, even when there is no problem found. In fact, it typically takes longer on the test bench for "NPF" repairs, because the technician keeps searching for problems that don't materialize. Components are typically the least expensive aspect of the repair process. Handling, test, inspection and burn-in aspects of the repair are the most time-consuming and costly.

Q: Why can I not send in my motor for repair?
A: Depending upon the motor, it is just not cost-effective for the customer or Anaheim Automation to repair motors. Most motors are dense (weighty), therefore, once the warranty period has expired, the costs for shipping to/from, the cost of the repair, and handling costs make the "repair" too expensive. For smaller motors, these costs exceed the costs of a new motor. For larger, costly motors this may not be true. Speak to a Customer Service representative for more details. There may be some local repair houses that will perform repairs on motors. Unfortunately, Anaheim Automation does not have a list to provide to you of qualified repair companies. If a customer suspects that there is an issue with an entire batch, please contact a customer service representative with any concerns as soon as possible.

Q: Can I return/exchange a product if it isn't compatible with my drive and power supply?
A: Yes, as long as the item has not been damaged or altered in any way. All products must be in "re-sellable" condition to be eligible for an exchange or to receive credit.

Q: Can I buy components from Anaheim Automation to fix a product myself?
A: No, customers must request a RMA and send the board for test and evaluation. Any attempts by customers to perform their own repairs will void the warranty.

Q: Under what circumstances would a product sent in for repairs/exchange within the 12-month warranty period, not be covered?
A: When a product is damaged due to misuse, abuse, negligence, exposure to poor environmental conditions, an accident, power surge, lightning, improper installation or hook-up, or if it has been modified or dismantled, is will no longer be covered under the limited warranty. If there is evidence of an attempted repair that was not done by Anaheim Automation, the warranty is void. If there is evidence the product was used in a poor environment, such as rust from condensation, the warranty is void. If there are burnt traces from improper wiring, the warranty is void. If the product has been damaged beyond repair either in transit, due to poor packaging or shipping carrier damage, the product will be considered non-repairable. At that point, we will investigate, take photos, and offer the customer the option to have it returned or scrapped.

Q: My order arrived, but the product and/or package is damaged. What do I do now?
A: Pursuant to our Terms and Conditions, Anaheim Automation ships FOB Anaheim, CA, USA, meaning Anaheim Automation, Inc. assumes no responsibility for damages or losses which may occur in transit. Claims for loss or damages must be filed against the carrier, such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, Airborne, etc.. Take a photo of how your package arrived and contact the carrier immediately. Most carriers have time limitations, so customers are encouraged to file a claim as soon as possible.

Q: Is my warranty void if I use another manufacturer's product with an Anaheim Automation product?
A: No, not when the all specifications are met for compatible units. For example, many customers successfully use Anaheim Automation drivers with motors from other manufacturers, and Anaheim Automation motors with others' drivers.