MDC010-024031 - Brushless Speed Controllers - Board Mount
  • Digital Closed or Open-Loop Speed Controller
  • 8-24 VDC Voltage Range
  • Maximum Speed of 80,000 RPM
  • Continuous Output Current of 2A (3A Peak)
  • Protection Against Thermal Overload
  • Small Open Board Design
  • Analog Set Speed Value Input
  • Select Speed Ranges Using External DIP Switches
  • Easy Connectivity/Integration into Motherboard
  • CE Certified and RoHS Compliant
MDC010 - 024031

The MDC010-024031 Speed Controller is a compact, powerful and cost-effective design. Designed as an open or closed loop 1-Quadrant digital speed controller for Brushless DC Motors, it can perform complex applications with little effort. The flexible and high efficiency multifunctional operation is a direct result of the wide supply of voltage range from 8-24VDC with a continuous current rating of 2A (3A Peak). Some of the different inputs offered with this Speed Controller include: direction of rotation, enabling, current limiting, speed ranges, and operational status. Additionally, it has protective features against motor blockage and short circuit, undervoltage and overvoltage, overcurrent and thermal overload. The MDC010-024031 delivers a maximum speed of 80,000 RPM's to the shaft of the Brushless DC Motor. Anaheim Automation also offers an evaluation board for easy and immediate intial start-up and testing, as well as a full line of Brushless DC Motors.

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  • Dimensions
  • Wiring Diagram
  • Torque Curves
Brushless Speed Controllers - MDC010-024031
Brushless Speed Controllers - MDC010-024031
Brushless Speed Controllers - MDC010-024031
Brushless Speed Controllers - MDC010-024031
Wiring Diagram
Brushless Speed Controllers - MDC010-024031
Torque Curves
Brushless Speed Controllers - MDC010-024031