Brushless Motors
Brushless Motors

Anaheim Automation Brushless DC Motors are designed for high-volume OEM applications, delivering the best cost-performance ratio on the market. Choose from a range of sizes from 16mm to 110mm in diameter, from under 1 Watt to 1880 Watts of power. Hundreds of standard models are available off-the-shelf, with custom designs also available. Customizations include optimizing the maximum speed, torque, current, voltage, cabling, wiring, connectors, and shaft modifications.

Voltage: DC
Speed: RPM
Single Shaft
 Dual Shaft

  • Torque: 0.36 to 2,549 Ounce-Inches
  • Sizes: Ten sizes from NEMA 09 to 48
  • Huge Selection with a Large Stock Base
  • Ideal Solution for Velocity Control Applications
  • Customization for Voltage, Current and Max Speed
  • Round-Bodied, Square Flange and Square-Faced Styles
  • Shaft Modifications and Motor Adders Available
  • Torque: 25 to 595 Ounce-Inches
  • Sizes: NEMA 23, 24, 32, 34, 42
  • Meets Splash-proof Requirements
  • Ideal for Harsh or Humid Environments
  • Protective Shaft Seals for Longer Life Cycles
  • Up to Five Stack Lengths, Several Windings