Magnetic Linear Encoders
Magnetic Linear Encoders
Anaheim Automation's line of non-contact linear magnetic encoders offer reliable operation with zero maintenance. Flexible and versatile, these linear encoders can easily be added to any linear or rotary application requiring feedback control. With the adhesive tape found on the back of the magnetic scale, it can be easily mounted to metals, ceramics, and many other engineering materials. The magnetic sensor travels along the magnetic scale, detecting displacement and outputs a TTL signal. With an IP67 protection level, these linear magnetic encoders provide reliable performance in harsh environments and help ensure accurate readings. Each encoder features a resolution between 5µm and 50µm and is powered by a single +5 or +10-30VDC power supply.
The ENC-LKE51 with Index series can be easily added to any application requiring feedback control. The flexibility and versatility of a magnetic sensor allows these linear encoders to be used for both linear and rotary applications. This line of encoders features resolutions from 5µm to 50µm, have an IP67 protection level, and each encoder is powered by a single +5 or +10-30VDC power supply (model-dependent). These linear encoders are designed for cable lengths up to 50m.
Linear Encoder Accessories
Series # Resolution
ENC-LKE51 5, 10, 25, 50 Line Driver or Push-Pull 5 or 10-30 IP67 Call Us
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