KNC-HMI-GL104 - Green Series - Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • 10.4" Display
  • 16.77m (24 Bits) True Color
  • 32-Bit 800 MHz ARM RISC CPU
  • 128MB NAND FLASH + 128MB DDR3 Memory
  • Real-Time Clock, Reserve Time for More than 2 Years at Power Off State
  • 2 COM Ports, Supports Simultaneous Communications, Supports RS232/RS485/RS422
  • 24 VDC Input Voltage
  • CE Certified
KNC-HMI-GL104 Green Series

The Green Series GL104 is the most modern and powerful HMI product that will make your application work seamlessly, without missing a step. The GL104 Series has a new structure and elegant body, compared to previous HMI ’s. This HMI line comes with a 16.77 million Color Display mode that gives your touch screen rich color and incomparable resolution. The Green Series products use the most advantageous ARM Cortex-A7 architecture industrial-grade processors, which ensure that the HMI ’s work efficiently. Furthermore, it has a much higher hardness and intensity with a higher temperature resistance. Each HMI supports simultaneous communications via its multiple serial ports, so that you can connect to different controllers at the same time. With the simple, convenient and powerful Dtools configuration software, the user can master its design method and create first-class programs efficiently.

Note: Anaheim Automation wants to provide our customers with a solution, not just a product, so we have great economical PLC ’s which are a perfect pair for the Kinco HMI ’s. If you purchase a PLC (only for PLC’s K506 and K508) with a Green Series HMI, the KNC-CBL-MT54-KC cable is needed.

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KNC-HMI-GL104E 10.4" 800x600
128MB DDR3
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