LSI-LS7166A - Encoder Interface
  • Programmable Count Modes: Non-Quadrature, Up/Down, Binary, BCD, 24 Hour Clock, Divide-by-N, x1, x2 or x4 Quadrature and Single-Cycle
  • DC to 40MHz Count Frequency in Non- Quadrature Mode
  • 8-bit Bi-Directional Data Bus for uC Interface
  • 24-Bit Counter, 24-bit Preset Register, and 24-bit Comparator
  • Readable Status Register
  • Input/Output TTL and CMOS Compatible
  • 3V to 5.5V Operation (Vdd - Vss)
  • RoHS Compliant
Incremental Single Axis Counters - LSI-LS7166A

The LS7166A is a CMOS, 24-bit counter that can be programmed to operate in several different modes. The operating mode is set up by writing control words into internal control registers. There are three 6-bit and one 2-bit control registers for setting up the circuit functional characteristics. In addition to the control registers, there is a 5-bit output status register (OSR) that indicates the current counter status. The IC communicates with external circuits through an 8-bit three state I/O bus. Control and data words are written into the LS7166A through the bus. In addition to the I/O bus, there are a number of discrete inputs and outputs to facilitate instantaneous hardware based control functions and instantaneous status indication. Note: This series has a minimum purchase requirement of 10 pieces, regardless of stock.

The LSI-LS7166A Series is now LTSOH (Limited to Stock on Hand)

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