TM4500-80 - Stepper Drivers with Transformer (AC) Input
  • 1.0-4.5 Amperes/Phase Operating Current
  • Enhanced Torque/Speed Output
  • Improved Start-Stop Speeds
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Open Motor Wire Detection
  • No RFI or EMI Problems
  • Requires 7-28 VAC
  • TTL-CMOS Compatible Inputs
  • Receives Positive or Negative Going Clocks
  • Full Step or Half Step Operation
  • Motor Turn Off Provisions
  • Open Frame Circuit Board Mounts on Snaptrack, purchased separately
  • CE Certified and RoHS Compliant
Stepper Drivers with Transformer (AC) Input - 2.6-7.0A Current Range - TM4500-80

The TM4500-80 driver is a unipolar step motor driver designed for 4 phase step motors. The TM4500-80 is specifically designed to dynamically enhance driver performance while circumventing the effects of input voltage variations. The TM4500-80 allows the option of using full-step or half-step operation, giving the user the ability to step in either 1.8° or 0.9° increments. The driver can be powered by an AC voltage. For AC operation, the driver may be purchased with a recommended step down transformer. A single transformer may be used to power up several drivers based on power consumption. A major advantage that the TM4500-80 has over chopper drivers, is that the TM4500-80 is designed to use bilevel technology. This means that it has replaced the need for high frequency switching techniques, consequently it does not create the EMI, RFI, and motor heating problems that are associated with chopper drivers. This technique makes the TM4500-80 suitable for applications where low noise requirements are a must. It is especially useful for medical equipment, test instruments, positioning systems, and any other application where noise may be a problem, plus any standard application where positioning is required. The part number AA2295B transformer is recommended for the TM4500 series driver.
See Accessories on this website for driver adders, such as shielded motor cable and connectors. For compatible high-torque stepper motors, consider our popular 23Y and 34Y series. For standard torque (round-bodied motors), see 23W and 34W series.

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Stepper Drivers - TM4500-80 Dimension
Stepper Drivers - TM4500-80 Wiring
Stepper Drivers - TM4500-80 Torque CurvesStepper Drivers - TM4500-80 2 Torque Curves
Stepper Drivers - TM4500-80 Ordering
Stepper Drivers - TM4500-80 Dimension
Wiring Diagram
Stepper Drivers - TM4500-80 Wiring
Torque Curves
Stepper Drivers - TM4500-80 Torque CurvesStepper Drivers - TM4500-80 2 Torque Curves
Ordering Information
Stepper Drivers - TM4500-80 Ordering